A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A psychological exploration game by Fionn Murray and Tiago Roldão.
Play as Dr. Joanna Dowell, a child psychiatrist, and explore the minds of her patients to unlock their deepest traumas and anxieties.

This build is available for OSX, Windows 32- and 64-bit, and features the first level of the game.

"Essentially the game manages to do one thing in particular: provide understanding for the consequences of trauma that can make the life of a person complicated. All of a sudden you find you are in Siobhán Rosenhan’s head." - Wired.de

"Paperknife treats words more carefully than most games treat death." - Kill Screen Daily

"Despite the creepy ambience from the visuals and sound, it’s the act of cutting into each hallway that drives the uneasy sense of violence...  Something is not okay here, and we’re going to cut into our patient’s psyche until we find it." - Cerebral Arcade

"One of the great things about this game is it's originality and creativity. I honestly think this was quite a refreshing experience. It seems the creators... really are trying to make this game as realistic as possible without making the storylines seem too dramatic or predictable." - Work in Beta

"Paperknife’s storyline often refers to traumas and anxieties, and, at certain stages, the feeling that you are really talking to a sad and defenseless child becomes quite poignant." - Softpedia

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UPDATE: The survey linked at the end of the game has now been closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


Paperknife - OSX 180 MB
Paperknife - Windows (64-bit) 171 MB
Paperknife - Windows (32-bit) 138 MB